Fusion Brain Training

Natalie Ceballos

- Brain Trainer -

What is Fusion Brain Training?

Fusion Brain Training is a combination of mental and physical exercises developed to benefit those who are not accessing their full potential. Principles and actions from the therapeutic disciplines of occupational, speech, physical, and vision have been fused holistically to better integrate one’s mind and body.

Who can benefit from Fusion Brain Training?

People with—

Brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
and more...

Learning disabilities

and more...

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Auditory Processing Disorder

Cognitive delays

Cerebral palsy

Low self-esteem

Anyone who wants to sharpen their brain’s acuity

Fusion Brain Training • Tempe AZ 


About Natalie

Natalie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Arizona State University, but that is only the foundation of her fields of experience. In her sophomore year she began working as a Motor Cognitive therapist for five years where she played a critical role in the development of the program. While in pursuit of her degree she focused her studies on the principles of child development/physiology, sports psychology and movement analysis. She is currently enhancing her ability to teach fine and gross motor development skills through her work as a teacher’s aide for Arcadia Montessori and as a habilitator for children with disabilities. She is knowledgeable in the ways of implementing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as an effective tool for bringing about positive behavior and effort from her students. Natalie has also previously interned at a physical and occupational therapy facility where she gained a great deal of insight and hands on experience. She has studied the methodologies of by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a leader in the world of Neuro-Metacognitive Education and has implemented aspects into Fusion Brain Training. Her passion is in rehabilitating others and is therefore in the process of pursuing a Master’s degree in occupational therapy.

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